Tips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

FeaturedTips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

Brace yourselves…(you know this one) Summer is coming. Now, a Maltese summer is not your average summer; do not underestimate it. It gets hot, humid and sticky.

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Thailand: The Islands

FeaturedThailand: The Islands

Hey guys! I am back to talk to you about my Thailand trip. This time about the islands found towards the South of Thailand. Admittedly these are the most touristy parts of Thailand and many have visited but I am here to give you my two cents, plus I want to share all the great pictures with you all. If you want to read more about Thailand I have written posts about Thailand-The NorthPai and my day with Elephants.

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Hey there 🙂

Welcome to the first travel post of 2017!

Last December I had the opportunity to visit the UK again with my bestie, Amy. Her awesome Aunty lives in Sheffield so it was a great quick getaway. All that we saved from having free accommodation we spent on shopping rest assured!However, apart from all the shopping I just had to get some sightseeing in.

The UK is a place us Maltese visit often due to cheap flights, but I find it important to always try and see a new part of the country. This time, we wandered to Castleton.

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What to eat in Barcelona

FeaturedWhat to eat in Barcelona


I hope this post finds you all well 🙂

As you may have realised from my instagramfacebook and blog , I have recently been to the great city of Barcelona!

And yes, the people are great, Gaudi’s designs decorate the city beautifully but most importantly the food there is amazing! I loved every meal I had when I was there and I am here to tell you all about them 🙂

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Barcelona Getaway- Day 1

FeaturedBarcelona Getaway- Day 1

Hi guys!

Fancy seeing you all back here 🙂

After exploring the Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands this Summer it was time to head to another country even if for a short getaway. As I had mentioned in my Where to Next? blog post my awesome friends got me flight tickets for my birthday. The secret destination was Barcelona! Obviously it was not as secret to me, I do not like surprises and half the fun is planning the holiday itself, don’t you think?


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Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands

FeaturedBest Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands

Hey 🙂

Fancy seeing you here!




As you may all have realised (hopefully) it is September. This month things will start to get cooler and we will  all dig up our winter wardrobe in the hopes that something still fits and we still like it .

It is time for warmer colours, thicker socks (not the ones with toe inserts!) and more hot chocolate. However, aside from all my excitement (believe it or not I am a winter person) this time saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet.

Unfortunately, I was not able to travel this past Summer. So, as a wanderer does, I vacationed in my own country instead. I ate a lot of Maltese food, relaxed and swam in several beaches (see them all on my instagram @toshareblog) and tried new things. Continue reading “Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands”

Into the Blue Lagoon-Comino Blog

FeaturedInto the Blue Lagoon-Comino Blog

Hello 🙂 Fancy seeing you here!

So as I explained in the  Searching for Paradise post my friends Lauren and Michelle came to stay with me whilst they were holidaying here in Malta. Lauren is natively Maltese (recently moved to London) and so her and I teamed up to give Michelle a full-blown Malta experience.


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Searching for Paradise

FeaturedSearching for Paradise

Hello 🙂 Fancy seeing you here!

This weeks post is about me trying to become more adventurous , getting out of my comfort zone if you will. Let me give you a background of what happened these past two weeks.

My sister got married! and so Lauren (my bfffffffl and sister’s friend) came over all the way from London for the wedding!

The wedding was magical, there were fireworks, food and a photobooth!

But alas, the wedding was over in a heartbeat and Lauren had 9 days left on the Island. So I planned a few adventures for her and Michelle (a South African who now too resides in London + new-found friend) who was also visiting. One of the challenges , probably the most challenging one , was to find the ‘Toqba ta’ l -Ahrax’.

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Where to Next?

Fancy seeing you here!

This week I took some to browse the reader section of WordPress and indulge in other peoples’ blogs.
This is also the week before my birthday and… the best friends on the planet are getting me a flight for my birthday. Ryanair recently had a flight sale and they took advantage of it…and I am not complaining! .

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Florence and the Machine Concert

On the 13th of April 2016 I had the amazing opportunity of going to a Florence and the Machine concert in Bologna,Italy.


I had been chasing Florence for quite some time before I got news that she was going to be performing very close to home, well…as close to home as she’ll ever come I suppose.

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A weekend in Prague



Hello Everyone 🙂

I am just now back from a holiday in the wonderful city of Prague and I am ready to tell you all about it! Originally the plan was for my friend and I to visit another city in Europe but we heard so many amazing things about Prague that we changed our plans and asked some other friends to join us until it turned into a full blown girl city trip.


We landed in Vaclav Havel airport at around 7pm on Thursday night and purchased bus tickets from there. One short bus ride and a train ride later we arrived at our Hostel (around an hour in total). We stayed at Homer Hostel which is set right in the heart of Old Town Prague (literally two corners away from the astronomical clock, shops etc). I would definitely recommend this hostel, it was affordable, central, clean and the staff helped out whenever we needed. It is also set right above a pizzeria so essentially if you are ever hungry food is one flight of stairs away.


For our first night we simply strolled through the city.  The city itself is breath-taking, the architecture takes you back in time to when buildings were all made to look eloquent together. I love cities which can still hold onto beautiful architecture which oozes character into the city. We stopped at El Toro Negro for Dinner; set right opposite the astronomical clock and in the heart of the square. I ordered the traditional goulash served in a bread bowl because it looked delicious and I was not disappointed. Perfect on a cold night in Prague and extremely filling. You can also see the amazing clock-work of the astronomical clock whilst sitting under a cosy heater and dining.


On the second day our girl group split up. The two dare devils went skydiving (which they highly recommend to anyone who has been wanting to do it), whilst the rest of us kept our feet firmly planted on the ground; or should I say on deck? We took a boat tour on the Vltava river. I love going on boat tours whenever I am in a new city. We do not have any rivers here in Malta plus it is a great way to start off your morning (and a great excuse to drink beer at 10:00 am as it is included in the price).



After the boat tour we then strolled over the Charles Bridge. I suggest you get to the Bridge as early as possible as by 11am it is packed by caricature artists, jewellers and hundreds of tourists. It is best to explore the bridge both early in the morning when it is virtually empty and when it takes life during the afternoon hours as the bridge seems to take on a new perspective.


Over the Charles Bridge we then walked to the Castle, there are a few steps up so be ready for heavy breathing  (unless you are into fitness like my super fit friend who food blogs over at munch.abunch) but the views are well worth it. Breathtaking Prague strikes again. In addition, there were a few stalls outside the castle with amazing potatoes and sausages which are definitely a must – try. Entrance to some of the castle and the St.Vitus Cathedral is free. The cathedral itself is an amazing work of art with intricate stained glass designs and a grandeur all of its own.


We then met up with the skydiving girls who were bursting with adrenaline and hit the city once again. We went to have dinner at Restaurant Stoleti which is a sweet cosy restaurant not far off from the Old Town square serving traditional food at a very affordable price (I recommend the chicken breast!). Prague is also chock-full of nightlife. From cute jazz bars, to pubs and clubs. You can join in on a Prague pub crawl which seemed the popular night-time activity as we saw hundreds of people moving from one pub to another in unison. However, we opted to grab a few drinks at a pub which had great live music and an amazing atmosphere.


The next day we signed ourselves up to go to one of Old Town’s free walking tour. We got the brochure from our hostel and met our guide, Keith, at the astronomical tower. Keith was an amazing guide and showed us all the main attractions in the Old Town and Jewish Quarter of Prague. Of course, you can always visit the sites by yourself but having a guide there to tell you all about the history that took place there is always better! During our walking tour we passed by the Powder Tower which separates the new town from the old town. At just 100czk you can get onto the top of Tower and experience amazing views – highly recommended.


After around two and a half hours of walking, and a hundred something steps we decided to walk even more; to the Dancing House in Prague. The walk by the river is charming with lots of dogs bustling around (which is a big plus if you are missing your pooch from back home).


It was then time for some lunch! We went to the most amazing burger place Joy’s burger bar and grill and ordered all we could eat basically. There was a bit of a wait as the restaurant seems to be very popular in Prague but it was well worth it! The guacamole nachos are to die for.


In the evening, Lauren and I went on a ghost tour. We are fans of all things horror or mysterious and we tend to do this (if the option is there) anytime we travel together. Prague is the home of the famous Golem which is said to have been the protector of the Jews in the Jewish quarter. There are several different tales and books about the Golem of Prague and I cannot wait to get my hands on some good literature!


On our last day we all had breakfast together at Paul’s which is an amazing chain we do not get here on the Maltese Islands, with fresh bread and pastries all your breakfast dreams will come true.


For our last day we decided to tour Kutna Hora. It is always nice to explore something outside of the city to get a good feel of how life can be away from the hustel and bustle. Kutna Hora, the silver mining town, once rivaled Prague in becoming the Capital City of the Czech Republic. Built for success there is much to see here. Kutna Hora is home to the Kosnice Ossuary (the bone church with impressive intricate designs), the stunning St.Barbara Church (the patron saint of miners) and the Italian Courtyard which was the former royal residence. We also had amazing Goulash and sausages for lunch. Once again, we had an amazing tour guide and I highly recommend this day-trip.


For our last night; we wanted to experience a black light theatre show. The show was nothing like I had ever seen before. We watched colour dreams of Dr. Frankenstein. If you will be watching this show expect floating neon body-parts, a quick cameo from E.T and break dancing. Really, it indescribable, you will have to go and watch it for yourselves. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed during the show.

All in all, Prague is an amazing city with so much history and culture to offer. If you are not into Cathedrals and museums you can always take a stroll by the river, skydive, hop on a hot air balloon and visit the various gardens close by. Prague truly has something for everyone to enjoy, the food is delicious and I cannot wait to visit again, if Prague will have me!


I hoped you enjoyed my Prague post and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information, I am happy to help you enjoy this amazing city as much as I did. I also tried to take more artistic photos; let me know if you like them!


-Cher Shares


We Missed our Flight…

We Missed our Flight…

Hay everyone!


Welcome, Welcome! I am so happy to be writing again, I have been busy adulting lately, maybe a little bit too much but I will keep you updated as to all that I have planned for the future. Big trips , like when I went to Thailand: The Islands exhaust my workleave so I can only afford to get away for weekends at the moment, and so I did!

Yasmine, Shelly (who is new to being featured in my blogs), Amy and I all went to Sheffield for the weekend. It was my second time there and something about the charm that embraces Sheffield made me feel like I was going back home. Michelle and Lauren also came down to visit .

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A day with Elephants

A day with Elephants

Hey everyone ! Fancy seeing you all here ! In the following post, as I have done in my previous posts about Thailand : The North and Exploring Pai I want to share my Thailand experience with you (we hung out with elephants!), but also raise awareness to some issues going on in Thailand at the moment.

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Thailand-The North

Thailand-The North

Hey Everyone!

Long time no post-but all in the sake of researching new material to write about and having the time of my life in the beautiful country of Thailand. This was the first time for me leaving Europe and so it was a huge deal! So I am now here to tell you the story about three young ladies from the tiny island of Malta who backpacked through Thailand for a month.


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