Florence and the Machine Concert

On the 13th of April 2016 I had the amazing opportunity of going to a Florence and the Machine concert in Bologna,Italy.


I had been chasing Florence for quite some time before I got news that she was going to be performing very close to home, well…as close to home as she’ll ever come I suppose.

The wait was over!

I sulked for 3 days thinking that the tickets to both her Bologna and Torino performances were sold out. I complained so much that my friend , Lauren, went on a secret hunt for the tickets and managed to get a hold of two.

Shout out to Lauren xoxo

We followed girls with flowers in their hair and got to Unipol arena about an hour or so before.


As soon as she got out onto the stage I could no longer breathe. She was wearing a blue flowy dress and embodied all things beautiful and peaceful into one.


She started with singing ‘what the water gave me’ and went on to play basically all my favourite songs on the universe!

There were two highlights in the show in my opinion. The band played cosmic love and everyone in the crowd had heart-shaped, light-up balloons which made the place look like a love galaxy. And lastly, she concluded the show with ‘Drumming Song’. To which me and Lauren screamed and sang our lungs out to a point were several people were staring at us with an ‘oh lord jesus’ look.

Thankyou Florence and the machine.The show was Big,Blue and Beautiful

Cher x



One thought on “Florence and the Machine Concert

  1. Wanted to leave you your first comment! It was a pleasure seeing how happy this made you. I would go through the trouble 100 times worse if it meant you would be happy 😀

    Couldn’t think of anyone I’d have rather shared that brilliant night with! It was truly a night to remember- and one I’ll never forget for many many years to come!


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