Who am I? Why am I here?

Hey 🙂

This is basically a post where I explain my blog and who I am. This will be the second post about why I blog and all that interests me. This is not me being narcissistic, I was given the task!

I am currently enrolled into learning the fundamentals of WordPress , so here is my take at describing myself 🙂

I am a 22-year-old female living on the tiniest island in the world (not scientifically proven), Malta. It surely is the second smallest island in the mediterranean and I was born on the first  ( Gozo ).  Being born into such a recluse environment encouraged me to reach out and discover all that is new but also appreciate all that I have been given.

I am often found escaping to travel or to a wonderland wherever my books will take me. My Blog-To Share- will serve as a window to my escapes. My main aim is to write about my escapes and hope to encourage others to escape too.

However, I recently have also come to appreciate living in he moment. Escaping and living in the moment might sound like complete opposites and I can like both, especially being a Gemini (a believer in the stars too).I enjoy meeting up with friends, having random conversations and really absorbing in the essence of spending quality time to get to know the people around me and the places where I have been.

I am often told that I have no filter and can assure you that this blog will say it like it is, with a sense of humour and wander. I believe in the gifts of friends, foods , the world and great literature. My blog will therefore include mostly these things, but even anything else that I find interesting.

I hope you will embark on this journey with me and can escape with me!

My tiny home land

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Keep Sharing!

To Share Blog x


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