Surviving the wilderness

As I am assuming some of you might relate, I was not born in the amazon jungle and therefore needed research and preparation to face all the elements of my forthcoming 3 day camping trip.This post too is part of the Blogging fundamentals series.


Alpaca tent

I will soon be going to the Earth Garden festival held every first weekend of June in Malta. It is basically a camper’s haven.  Vegan food stands , ethnic vendors and music dominate ta’Qali every year to attract both Maltese and foreigners. This will be my second year camping and the only camping trip I will gladly give up my commodities for.I am the type of person who cherishes my bed , appreciates the pressured water from my shower and like to read my emails whilst sipping coffee,

So the following are my tips for surviving the first world problems encountered when camping.

Get your hair together
Make sure that you keep your hair style simple. Three days camping is not an opportunity for you try that new pinterest hair style. Stick to what you know. Personally I like to spray bucket loads of sea salt spray on and sleep in with braids in my hair and pray that I wake up with natural beach waves.

If you’re a straight hair type of gal I would straighten it two days before and do it again before leaving for the adventure. If you have frizzy hair I would avoid brushing it as much as you can. Embrace the knots,  put some flowers in them if need be XD. Dry shampoo is your best friend, embrace it and knit friendship bracelets at the ethnic market together


Do buy a pop-up one. I have attempted of setting up a tent once, I was 12 years old and at a scouts convention. It took up the better part of my day and a lot of friends to have something to sleep in.However, some of you might be more avid campers then I am. In that case, please do leave all your tips in the comments 🙂


If trees are around make sure that you own one of these. Nothing comes close to the ultimate level of comfort as laying in a hammock on a Sunday (or any other lazy day) with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.


Acquire some sort of light-weight or blow-up mattress. Do not underestimate the discomfort of the ground. Weird shaped rocks cradling you whilst you sleep will result in aches, pains and maybe spine dislocation.

Bug Spray

Yes, there will be bugs. Yes, they will bite you. Yes, you will be covered in red spots. Buy yourself some bug spray and layer it like butter on toast. The last thing you need is looking like you have some sort of infectious disease.


Leave shoes outside the tent (be sanitary), wear flip-flops in showers(verrucha warning) and power banks (remember light attracts bugs though).

I hope you enjoyed my more humouristic side of blogging. All types of reviews are appreciated 🙂

Cher has shared xx


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