Where to Next?

Fancy seeing you here!

This week I took some to browse the reader section of WordPress and indulge in other peoples’ blogs.
This is also the week before my birthday and… the best friends on the planet are getting me a flight for my birthday. Ryanair recently had a flight sale and they took advantage of it…and I am not complaining! .

The problem is choosing where I want to go to next. So I chose my top 4 countries and left it up to my friends to decide.
My top 4 budget holidays:

Budapest,Germany,Barcelona or Greece for a 4 day getaway.

This city is bursting with activities and culture.
Roaming roads’ blog suggests a visit to the castle towers and indulging in the food . The city is very affordable and they have Szenchrenyi baths which are healing warm baths…yep sounds good to me!



Berlin was given a great review by Leaving canada blog. The idea of Berlin makes my heart skip a beat , the city oozes with history and culture.
The wall, biking and clubbing were suggested by leaving Canada. I would also like to visit the Brandenburg Gate and checkpoint Charlie (most famous point of the Berlin wall).


The Tall Traveler recommends Barcelona for its bars, the breath-taking Sagrata Familia and park Guell. Just book my ticket!-Gaudi’s masterpieces of architecture, magic fountains and Sangria by the beach.




I might just hop from my native island, Malta, to another island in Greece. Emily raves about Greece’s beaches and recommends a boat tour. I can definately see myself scuba-diving in the clear icy blue waters and having lunch next to the Acropolis.


Where would you suggest? Let me know in the comments 🙂

All blogs sited have been linked to so check those out too!

I do not own any of the pictures in this blog, but will in the near future (of one of the countries  xx)



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