Earth Garden Festival 2016

Hello, fancy seeing you here!
Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the Earth Garden festival. This year marked the tenth anniversary for the festival of colours , ethnic textures music and an all around good vibe.

-camping wristband
This was my second year camping( but the first year I had to actually help with pitching up tents). I was camping with my boyfriend, my sister and her fiancee so we had the muscle power needed. After getting poked in the eye by several tent rods and retrieving the pegs after I threw them randomly in the air as an act of despair we managed to pitch up all the tents.

Tents up! Sun’s out!

We hung two hammocks in the nearby trees…and then it was time to relax.
We simply hung out next to the camping site for the rest of the day, I was personally exhausted and welcomed the laziness with open arms.

-observe my chill

When the sun set we went out of the camping site, next to the main stage. There was an area where one could relax and puff on some shisha whilst enjoying the various musical acts. The main highlight of the first night was the Tribali band. The band is made up of various musicians with ethnic sounds which transmits a great feel good vibe to anyone attending.
Day 2
This morning was not as good. I woke up to back pain, which might have been the result of pitching up my tent on several acorns the night before. No problems, a fresh juice from Dr.Juice got me right back in track. Being allergic to bananas (fun fact)  I was limited in my choice but I went for the Mango Tango and was pleasantly surprised. I sipped my juice whilst chilling on my hammock again( yes, I did have vertigo from swinging on it too much).

-Mango Tango by Dr.Juice
We then went around the market area in the festival.Everything on display oozed art, from simple rolling papers , mandala tapestries , crystal jewellery and up cycled furniture.
-upcycled sun and moon table made from wood pallets

A wide variety of vegan and less healthy foods were also on sale.
I was particularly mystified by a vendor testing meditation bowls. As soon as the bowl sounds you cannot help but stop for a second , take a deep breathe and appreciate the day.
In the evening we went back to the main stage and watched a performance of swing music by Tape five.

-performance at Roots Stage by Tape Five

All the shows finish at 1 at the main stage but the jamming area goes on to around 3am. We camped very close to this area so every night I slept, or didn’t, to the sound of gentle jamming music.
Day 3
-Hello Sunshine x

Another great day! The festival kept on going with the festivities but at this point I was on the search for a great cup of coffee . We crossed the road to the other park and had a coffee at a cafe and a nice Sunday stroll. However we re-entered the festival to get the crêpe we had been lusting over all weekend.
-Food market

We packed everything up and went home for an hour-long bath and a day long sleep.

Last weekend was such a great experience! Its nice that once a year at least you slow down your world and focus on simply enjoying it x

I hope you will all have an opportunity to visit this festival and that you enjoyed this post x . For great flight deals check out

Cher shares x


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