A trip to the Magical World

Whilst celebrating my Birthday this year with Earth garden (see previous post) ,  lunch and just hanging out with my closest friend, I got a Facebook notification. I had memories to see! and the following picture showed up…



and I realised that I have to talk about my experience at the Warner Brothers Studios in London. It was the happiest day of my life (yes, I am a very big fan of Harry Potter).

I went to London in June 2015 with my ultimate girl squad: Amy-Lauren-Yasmine and we visited the Warner Brothers Studio on the second day of the trip.Now, I would never dare say that I am the biggest Harry Potter fan on he planet or that I know all the facts about the books and the movies.

HOWEVER, Harry Potter played a very important role in my life. I read the series at a very tumultuous point in my life. I was undergoing huge changes in my life as a 13 year old and the book series was my very own ‘patronus’.


An old school friend of mine had encouraged me to start reading he series, she had lent me the whole book series after she had finished them. Looking at he sheer volume of reading material was, putting it nicely, slightly disheartening (I was nowhere near an avid reader as much as I am today). My love for the book series has stayed with me since and it was an ultimate dream of mine to visit the WBS.

We bought the tickets online from the official website for around 50 pounds. You can also opt for the guided tour where you are given headphones to guide you as to what you are seeing. We decided to not take the guided tour s we could roam around as we pleased.


Firstly, we were seated in a cinema and given a brief speech as to what we were about to experience. Then I got to push the door to the Great Hall open (it was my birthday!). I t was such an amazing feeling. For all who have read the books it feels like finally you are home. Walking into the world that you’ve fantasised about for several reading hours and dreamt of  ever since is an incredulous feeling, especially for a lover of literature.



This blog post will not be a commentary as to what you can see when visiting, I do not want to spoil it. The following pictures can do more justice to the experience. Leave any belonging in their cloak room section and wander freely the whole studios and simply marvel at it all. Ride the Hogwarts Express! and ride the broomstick!


Getting onto Platform 9 3/4

This is not a sponsored post. The moment any human related to Harry Potter sponsors me :Life Goals Achieved. The experience is unforgettable and cannot wait until I go back-to try the butter-beer surely.


P.S. I look like a 5 year old in a candy store in all of my picture but …I’m Happy 🙂


On the Hogwarts Express


Shopping for supplies


Dumbledore wants a word


Just another class on a Monday


4 thoughts on “A trip to the Magical World

      1. It’s more like distant. I’m on a whole ‘nother continent so my fangirl heart shall just experience it in spirit and your pictures. Thanks for those, by the way.


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