Saving Money

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ fancy seeing you here!
This blog post may make me sound like a nagging mother but desperate times call for desperate measures. I recently have started looking up places to travel which are outside of Europe. Obviously the flights are much longer and expensive. The idea of travelling so far makes my heart and soul happy but my pockets… not so much. I started saving up a few months ago , however, if I am to cross continents I must turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge and save up every penny (or euro cent).
This post will cover my tried , tested and approved methods and some new ones I am going to try.

Tried and tested

  • Food prep

Say no to take outs – especially on lunch breaks. It is very convenient to wake up half an hour before work, jump out of bed and then get take-out for lunch. But if you were to start keeping track of all the money you’re spending when in actual fact you should be at work to earn it, you too will stop this menace! I prefer to prepare my food on my free time on Mondays for the rest of the week. However, in Malta this is not always viable due to the excessive heat we get in summer. In the summer months I prepare my food up to two days in advance maximum. Plan when you are going to cook meals and when for at the beginning of every week. It may sound like too much but once you manage to set a routine your pockets will thank you. Also, if you must order take out use the coupons you have.


Three different pre-prepped salads

  • Walk

Try and walk instead of using your own or public transport. I know I have a certain amount if advantage, living in a tiny island where everything is within a two hour reach. Readers from larger countries, try and walk to close amenities. This can also help with your summer body.

Promenade walkin’

  • Bank accounts

Everyone should have at least two bank accounts and a different card for each one. At the beginning of each month transfer the ammount of money you are budgeting yourself to use into one account and leave the rest in the other one . Leave the card with your savings at home, if possible forget about it .Internet banking is glorious when it comes to handling two accounts and transferring money. In the case that you don’t make ends meet you can always transfer more money later. Physically having to do such transfer will subconsciously make you feel guilty thus trying harder next month.

  • Shopping List

Always write down a shopping list before actually going to the store. This will stop you from buying every ‘limited edition’ chocolate in there (or is that just me ?). Basically it will keep you on the right track and your purchases will be full of necessities not junk food.


Random diary which I found- I write EVERYTHING on this

  • Stop Buying Products

This is mostly true in my case in regards to hair products. You, and I, do not need three different types of serums and five hair masks. I recently moved house and realised how many products I have. A week or so ago I vouched that I will not buy any more hair products until I run out of my existing ones. This will help you save space, money and help the earth.

I do not have enough hair for these products.

  • Piggy Bank

I have always had a piggy bank for my small change. Granted, this will not get you from rags to riches but just this year I managed to pay off my ticket to watch Florence and The Machine (Read my Florence and the Machine Blog Post) with the twenty cents’ I had been collecting for around six years.

Anyone knows where I can get this ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Abandon Cash

If I am going to work or just popping by a friends house for a quick coffee, ( places where I should not be spending money), I will pop a five euronote into my bag , just in case, and not take anymore money with me. This will help to constrain you from spending money on useless stuff.

  • Quit the cancers

Most of you probably do not smoke – you are a lag above the rest of us who do. I have recently quit smoking too, both for health reasons (chocolate is not healthy, but healthier) and finances (chocolate is way cheaper). As you can probably tell, my chocolate addiction is the one I cannot kick. (P.s. highest of fives if you if you got my ‘a clockwork orange ‘ reference in the title ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Apps

Use technology to your advantage. There are several apps which you can use to help you monitor your money. I use monefy to keep track of all that I have spent and guilt myself into shopping less. The app alllows you write down any incomes and spending for the month within categories. Therefore, it will also show you where you spend most money on…less online shopping for me!

So many apps! -get the free ones

The above methods have proven to be highly effective but there is no harm in trying new ones, right? I have researched and these are my conclusions


New Methods to Save Money

  • Sign up

I will be trying to get into every cusomers’ awards programme that you can imagine. I might get a free mug by the time I am 60 ๐Ÿ™‚ but theres no harm in trying , plus its free. I have got my cards under control, remembering to take them with me when shopping is going to be the real challenge.

Loyalty cards on fleek

  • 30 Day Rule

This rule as the simple dollarย put it, encourages you to wait thirty days before making a purchase. So I can start putting items into my online bag this second, but I can officially buy them in thirty days. Yes, this will be a challenge. This concept will allow you to think about whether you need the items or not.

  • Come on over , come on over baby

Invite friends over for wine rather than going out for dinner. You will not have a food coma (wine is basically grapes) and you will not have to dress up and put make-up on! Will surely be taking full advantage of this one. Also, if it is summer and you live in a beachy area, bar-b-ques are a great alternative to a fancy dinner. They are cheaper and will most likely produce ย a great conversation.

  • Don’t go chasing credit cards

If you have any credit cards, pay them off as soon as possible and never look back. Debt is not for the faint-hearted. There will come a time where I need to take actual proper loans for actual proper stuff, online shopping for clothes can wait.


So there you have it, a rather lengthy way of how I am to save money. Hopefully, these will help enough and in less than a year I will be posting a blog about the trip I managed to save up for.

I cannot thank you enough for reading and would love to hear your feedback in the comments.


Cher shares xx


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