Bad Days

hello 🙂 fancy seeing you here!

This week has not really been the best one ever. Sometimes things just start getting to you and other people around you and it is easy to lose the sense of positivity you have been trying to achieve for so long…sigh. But alas, I still encouraged myself to write a blog, knowing that writing is an outlet I cannot afford to go without.

I had a bit of a writers’ block this week so I decided  to go back to the blog fundamentals tasks for inspiration. This week I was to use a word prompt for inspiration for my blog post. The one I decided to go with is- fence.

This seemed ideal for this week as sometimes you feel fenced in and its good to let loose. And by let loose I do not mean drink shots ill 7am (I am not judging, go ahead!). When I feel fenced in and like everything is becoming a little too much I seek solitude. There are points in life when you just want to enjoy your own company and not think about the rest of the world too much.

So in this post I am going to share with you what my favourite solitary activities are, perhaps you’re having a though week too and you may find as much serenity in them as I do.

When I have some alone time I always like to read. I am a bookworm and a proud one at that. I will read anything that is available. I always seem to have a book ready for me to read at hand. Partially, because everyone who knows me well gives me books as gifts and secondly because a person who knows me very well gave me a kindle as a gift. If I am ever stuck without a book to read I can always buy one online. There is something glorious about being lost in words that I find very calming. I don’t seem to be able to think about other things when I am reading, blocking the world out. Maybe for people who do not like to read , you might also want to try audio books and have someone else read it for you. In the future, I plan to write about my favourite reads-stay tuned! 🙂

Currently reading fates and furies by Lauren groff. This was recommended by the Florence Welch bookclub-between two books. Also recommended by Obama!

This is my super cool bookmark, I was still reading a clockwork orange in this picture and I cannot recommend this book enough.

Baths. The lukewarm water, bubbles and relaxing Spotify playlist in the background. I find water and fire to be two very calming elements. Light that scented candle up! Use as much bubble soap as needed to make you happy and just enjoy not doing anything for a while.You’re immersed in a tub of water so there’s not much you can do. This may also help you to stop and think calmly about the things you may be stressing about.


Ultimate bliss-scented Lavender candle by prices. I also love the beach walk scented one from Yankee Candles.

Yoga is the only form of exercise I have manged to stick to. Its more strenuous than it looks and balancing can be quite difficult. However, it encourages you to breathe and be thankful for where you are today. Thankful for having the time to do yoga and appreciative for the life that you have (also, abs). I do not think that yoga s for everyone, some might like to go out for a long run and sweat the stress out so please tailor this to whatever you like doing the most. I have been following the 30-days of Yoga by Adriene on YouTube and she’s great! I aim to go to actual classes in the future. I will give the gift of yoga classes to myself  if I manage to stick to it for the coming three months.

Yoga by Adriene-great for yoga at home.

I  also like to bake. I find that it takes a lot of focus and measurements to get baking just right. Therefore , your focus is taken away from the rest of your troubles to focus on something trivial (unless you’re a professional baker). In my opinion, that is really the key to finding relaxation. Doing something that you like doing which the outcome to is not going to affect you’re life. I mostly like to make cupcakes and eat most of them, because if you make them yourself who’s going to tell you to stop eating them , right?

Cupcakes made by me – ate also by me 🙂

Writing could be considered my favourite. I write about anything at any point I feel like it. It gives me a sense of freedom and liberty. I encourage you to find something you like doing and immersing yourself in it. Most importantly, believe in your dreams and support others who have one. Support and encouragement costs nothing but its value is endless. I would love to know about what liberates you and what you enjoy doing in your free time in the comments 🙂

Hopefully  your week was great and if you ever have a bad one , I hope you will find this post helpful in getting you back on track. Try and stay positive , being negative is so mainstream. As Dumbledore puts it,

Light can be found even in the darkest of times,

if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Cher shares xx


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