Searching for Paradise

Hello 🙂 Fancy seeing you here!

This weeks post is about me trying to become more adventurous , getting out of my comfort zone if you will. Let me give you a background of what happened these past two weeks.

My sister got married! and so Lauren (my bfffffffl and sister’s friend) came over all the way from London for the wedding!

The wedding was magical, there were fireworks, food and a photobooth!

But alas, the wedding was over in a heartbeat and Lauren had 9 days left on the Island. So I planned a few adventures for her and Michelle (a South African who now too resides in London + new-found friend) who was also visiting. One of the challenges , probably the most challenging one , was to find the ‘Toqba ta’ l -Ahrax’.

This is basically a natural hole right at the North of the Maltese Island which holds breath-taking clear blue sea water (it is the tiny one at the top). We knew it would be quite difficult to find and so we headed out early.

Lauren, Michelle and I in one car and another two lovely adventurous ladies (Amy and Lucinda in another). It is quite a journey trying to get there. We took the wrong turn about five times in all but kept a positive attitude despite the scorching sun. We mistakenly stumbled upon the Mellieha nature reserve on one of our wrong turns- note to self, must visit in the future.


We finally got to the hole , thanks GPS and Lucinda’s dad. And then… no one was brave enough to jump in. Honestly, Michelle would have had she had a companion but I would not suggest jumping either. The fall is higher than four stories and accidents have been known to happen.

I managed to sit at the edge though (achievement unlocked)

But here is a picture of Oliver Gatt being a boss about it.


Plan B- Amy, Lucy and I decided we would jump out into the -open water!- (as I called it the whole time we were there) and swim around the hole until we found an entry way. I teased Lucinda about her  swimming shoes the whole way going to the hole but was deeply saddened by the fact I did not own a pair when we got there. I would describe the rocks which surrounded this whole as a ‘dragon’s tail’. Everything everywhere is pointy and ready to dig into your feet. I did get a slight injury and will be ordering my own pair of swim shoes after I have finished writing this post.

So, I am deeply terribly afraid of heights but we found a section where there was a 1.5 metre drop into the mediterranean sea and that I figured I could do- and I did. Admittedly, my heart did not beat from the second I jumped off until I returned back up for air. The sea was quite rough and so we had to swim far out for fear of crashing into the rocks.


We swam West thinking that the entry way was there, but only saw one entry which was being covered up by waves on the day. The sea was rough and we decided we would not be making that attempt to get into the whole. We swam in the -open waters- for a while instead and took a couple of pictures with Amy’s new go pro.

Brain Farts- as soon as we got up to get our towels back we saw the huge entry way to Paradise. Before we got into the sea we never had gotten sight of it because we were too busy taking pictures and arguing about who should jump first.

So yes- this was a failed attempt at diving into Paradise but it was my first time swimming in such deep waters, my first time diving in around 10 years and nothing beats watching Amy trying out her new go-pro.

But the best news is that we will attempt this again- I will keep you updated , promise!

We then went snorkeling in a less risky part of Ahrax, read our books and ate some delicious chicken salad!

We finished the day off by gobbling up this ice-cream from Sotto Zero in St.Paul’s Bay (not far off from Mellieha). Amy had chocolate, Lucy had chocolate orange and I had the snickers one. The ice-cream is delicious from there and the flavours are endless.

Our strategy for next time is as follows: Amy and I are going to buy our own pair of swimming shoes, we will swim East instead and be buy a floating bubble for the go pro.

Thankyou for coming on this adventure with us!

Cher shares xx (+girl squad)

follow my instagram-@cherrysanns- for instant pictures of when we do conquer the ‘Toqba ta l-Ahrax’.


If you ever want to come and search for our paradise check out for flight deals from our national airline!


Cher Shares xx


5 thoughts on “Searching for Paradise

  1. Great post Cherry! 🙂

    There’s a cave along there which you can get to from the coast just off that hole which has a pool inside. The pool is connected to the open sea along the high cliffs through an underwater hole in the cave wall. If you feel adventurous you can also access this with a bit of climbing.

    Haven’t been there since 2008, but its a great place.

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