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Hello ūüôā Fancy seeing you here!

So as I explained in the  Searching for Paradise post my friends Lauren and Michelle came to stay with me whilst they were holidaying here in Malta. Lauren is natively Maltese (recently moved to London) and so her and I teamed up to give Michelle a full-blown Malta experience.


Crystal Blue Waters at the Blue Lagoon

Malta is made up of three islands in total, hence the archipelago title. Comino is the smallest one of all coming to 3.5 square kilometres in area. It stands between the two bigger Islands, Malta (where I live now) and Gozo (where I spent 5 years of my childhood). I have personally only been to Comino about three times in my lifetime as it does tend to get very crowded and touristy in the Summer but we just had to show Michelle the Blue Lagoon.

I got us tickets for a ferry (Lauren’s Birthday present) with Captain Morgan Cruises. The tickets included an open bar and a buffet lunch. Thankfully I got a discount on the tickets by purchasing them online through a discounts website The boat ride and the experience were¬†incredible, however, the open bar only included non-appetizing wine (or as another traveller called it: very-cheap flavoured wine) soft drinks, some salad and fruits and 3 types of cold cuts for the buffet lunch. Lauren and Michelle filled up on the oranges that came with lunch and I made myself a sandwich and filled up on the bread. Maltese beer, Cisk, was also served on board.


The crew was super friendly and gave us an excellent experience. One crew member even offered to keep our bags safe in the captain’s cabin whilst we went out onto the island.


On our way to Comino the ferry gave us a detailed voice over of what views are being seen and where the boat is headed. We went past Sliema, St. Julians and St. Paul’s Island where St. Paul is said to have shipwrecked in 60 A.D. The ferry stopped a few people off in Gozo and took the rest of us to Comino.

We opted to take a¬†twenty-minute¬†speedboat ride into the caves which surround Comino at the price of ten euros¬†each, and that was well worth it. I am a lover of speed (not heights, and that is why I don’t do roller coasters) and so this was right up my alley. At first the boat goes out slowly to where the sea comes to a no swimmers zone and then accelerates all the way until you get¬†to the caves. I sat on the¬†back-end¬†and so got the ultimate water splash experience. It does get a bit bumpy on the front too and so I would suggest the middle section for the people who are prone to get sea-sick.


The caves are incredible and a sight to see (check out my Instagram for videos)

After we finished the extreme boat ride it was time to relax. We left our towels and other non-valuables on the beach, put our snorkels on and proceeded to diving into the blue lagoon. The water is incredible there, crystal blue and you will never tire of it. We swam across from where the boat left us and dove into the cave there.


The cave leads to the open waters where the ‘Elephant Rock’ can be seen. This is a rock formation which resembles an elephant and a great sight to see. Snorkeling in to get there is also breath-taking, the water goes from dark blue to a lighter shade and various fish can be spotted.

Some people were climbing along the walls and jumping off from there-something which I would not recommend, the sea can be so unpredictable. For a bit more of an adventure I climbed over the adjacent rock and found this incredible view.


After all this physical exercise we then decided to chill on the sandy area for a while. For an area which is idler I would suggest visiting the Santa Marija Bay which would be on the opposite side of the Blue Lagoon (a boat can be taken from Mellieha to this bay at 10 euro per person).


We then walked up to the various kiosks and got ourselves refreshing drinks. We had some time left which we spent talking to a gentleman who works by the rented lockers, making sure they are kept safe. He travels every day from Gozo to the Island for work and sometimes camps there too. He advises everyone to stay in school so as to get a good job, but when I remarked that his job has the best view, he did not dare to argue ūüôā Thanks man, for letting us sit in the shade behind the lockers for a while and for being so friendly.

I slept the whole ferry ride back so I cannot exactly tell you anything about that but Comino is definitely great and worth a visit if you’re coming to Malta. When we anchored back in¬†Sliema¬†we stopped for a bite to eat at La¬†Rive¬†restaurant. It is just across the street from where the ferry docks; I suggest the deep-fried calamari with a side of fries.

Please comment below if you have ever been to Comino or swam in crystal blue waters like this one, I would love to hear about your experiences.

-Cher Shares-


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