Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands

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As you may all have realised (hopefully) it is September. This month things will start to get cooler and we will  all dig up our winter wardrobe in the hopes that something still fits and we still like it .

It is time for warmer colours, thicker socks (not the ones with toe inserts!) and more hot chocolate. However, aside from all my excitement (believe it or not I am a winter person) this time saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet.

Unfortunately, I was not able to travel this past Summer. So, as a wanderer does, I vacationed in my own country instead. I ate a lot of Maltese food, relaxed and swam in several beaches (see them all on my instagram @toshareblog) and tried new things.

Personally, I prefer rocky beaches and so I thought this Summer would be perfect to explore and then recommend to you the best sand-free (mostly) spots on the Archipelago.

Summer here in Malta does not ever really end, except for a few winter months, so you are still in time to visit and swim! If not this year, maybe the next ?

Blue Lagoon Comino

Honestly, this can also be considered a sandy beach (hence why I said ‘mostly’ rocky) but if you go past the sandy area and swim across there are rocks you can sit on and incredible views.

You can get to Comino by boat and lush in the stunning crystal waters. It is also a great place for snorkeling. Read more about my Comino adventure in my Into the Blue Lagoon-Comino Blog.

Dwejra- Gozo

This beach is right next to the iconic Azure Window. Here you will find a swimming hole which is an awesome place to relax. For the brave, you can also swim out into the deep seas at Dwejra and even swim under the window. Diving instructors are everywhere , so if you have the budget I would suggest taking a diving lesson whilst here. If you are on a tighter budget, snorkel! It really is magical.


Perhaps not the most beautiful waters, but the bay has Malta’s best view (in my humble opinion). Limestone cliffs line the sides of the bay and this calls for stunning sunsets! Again, there is also a sandy area and for the adrenaline junkies – cliff diving off of the sides.

Kalanka Bay

This bay was a true discovery this summer. Recommended by a friend, Amy (-bestie) and I set out to find it. We had never heard of it or been there before, and yes I have always lived in Malta (oops). We headed to the South of Malta- Marsaxlokk. This bay is off the beaten path and so it is not yet as popular as other beaches. It was just a few other people and us at the beach that day. Granted, it was a weekday morning so it might get busier during the weekend.


The swimming hole in Armier is a sight to see. A wonder in itself and you all should visit at least once 🙂 read about the time my friends and I went in my Searching for Paradise post.

St. Peter’s Pool

Another one of my favourites. This is the epitome of beautiful beaches in Malta. There is plenty of space to lay around and relax. You can also cliff dive off the sides ,swim out or lazy around on a float.  Almost everyday you can find a diver and his dog practicing diving here- they are somewhat of a sensation here on the island. It does get busy in Summer as a lot of tourists and locals appreciate it but it is definitely worth a visit! Grab a nice bottle of wine ,  we got a white one called ‘Fat Bastard’ , and enjoy your day:)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed going to all these beaches. I am sure there are millions of other beautiful beaches around the world and I cannot wait to explore them! Which ones would you recommend? I would love to read about them in the comments 🙂

Follow my blog for more beach and travel posts! I hope you enjoyed your summer and are ready to brave the winter. If this post has left you with an insatiable desire to visit the island check out to find out about our national airline 🙂

Cher Shares xx


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