What to eat in Barcelona


I hope this post finds you all well 🙂

As you may have realised from my instagramfacebook and blog , I have recently been to the great city of Barcelona!

And yes, the people are great, Gaudi’s designs decorate the city beautifully but most importantly the food there is amazing! I loved every meal I had when I was there and I am here to tell you all about them 🙂


 I had Tapas the first night I stayed in Barcelona. Essentially the Spanish like to eat in the best way ever. A small portion of everything, to share, or not? I always end up wanting a bite of the food of whoever I am dining with, this is not always socially acceptable, but Barcelona understands me so tapas were perfect! Should I move to Spain so I can eat tapas everyday, maybe? My friend and I got four tapas to share between us at a restaurant called Felice. Spanish sausages, spanish omelette, spicy potatoes and amazing sizzling prawns. Accompany it all with a glass of wine *BAM* delicious. Almost every restaurant offers its own selection of unique or similar tapas so you will not have to travel far. The lava cake at Felice is a must though.



Paella is a quintessential spanish dish. A mix of rice , vegetables, seafood and/or meat. The rice is flavoured in a rich blend of spices that gives the dishe so many layers of flavours-so good! Everything is perfectly spiced, no salt or pepper on the tables-there is no need. The fresh seafood in the fisherman’s paella was also great. On my next visit, I will give the mixed paella a try too. Again, most restaurants make paella in Barcelona.



Essentially Barcelona is not known for its burgers like lets say, America is. However, burgers are in my top 5 favourite foods to eat so I just had to try one whilst there. We had burgers at Bacoa on Ronda Universitat, but its a chain with around six other restaurants in Barcelona alone so you are sure to find one in the vicinity.  At this restaurant you get a long sheet of paper with all the choices available, you thick the ones you like and place your order. Literally a few minutes later, your ideal burger is sitting in front of you. This is probably the second best burger I have had in my life (GBK in London still takes the cake) . I would recommend going especially if you are not into the seafood vibe that Barcelona offers.


Fruit and Smoothies 

Fresh fruit is everywhere in Barcelona, and it all tastes that much sweeter but it may be because I rarely have fruit at home (don’t try this at home, have your 5 a day!) . At the main market of Barcelona, La Bouqeria ,most of the vendors have fresh fruit smoothies which they sell for €1 or €2 a pop. All smoothie cups are then sunk into ice to keep them cool and fresh. Other cups filled with fruit salads or simply fresh coconuts can also be bought. A true feast for fruit lovers! The market is also great for getting fresh fish and seafood.




Barcelona sure did live up to my sweet tooth expectations. Waffle stalls and ice-cream vendors line the streets of Barcelona . Everything looks grand and delicious. You can also watch your waffles being made at various bakers along the roads.

We stopped at dunkin’ donuts , a treat we don’t get at home, for a chocolate donut. The second  day I also made a quick night run for churros, sweet pastry covered in loads of sugar filled with loads of chocolate – yes, I should move to Spain so I can have late night churros everyday.

The lava cakes are amazing. My mediocre baking skills can never aspire to make a lava cake so these were a real treat. Digging into each one slowly to watch the chocolate ooze out (they should make a tv show with just this!)

Best restaurant on planet earth

Okay, maybe not on planet earth but pretty close. On my last night we decided to go to Estella de Gracia, just a three minute walk from the hostel I stayed in (read about my Barcelona Trip). We had guacamole with nachos and sizzling prawns as starters and steak for the main course. I had a plain grilled steak, medium-rare of course whilst my friend had the same but with a blue cheese sauce instead. Granted, the steak was the main part of the dish but lo and behold! Mine was accompanied by the creamiest, tastiest mash potato ever. Now I am no food critic, but I do love my mash and I wish I could have had the recipe for this one. The lava cake from here is also divine!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it made you hungry *evil laugh*. Do not forget to always treat servers with great respect and to tip-just to be a nice human that’s all!

Let me know what your favourite restaurants are around the world in the comments!

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