Stadiums , Churches and Food

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen 🙂


I hope you are all having a fantastic week! This post is all about my constant food hunt in Barcelona, visiting the Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou.

We needed to get an early start, I had jam-packed the day to the point of no return. I managed to get Amy out of bed and onto the metro by 9 (not as easy as it sounds, she loves to sleep). We headed towards Camp Nou, that was our first activity for the day. We got the 10 trip pass from the metro station and went on.

Amy is an avid football fan and so Camp Nou was her idea mostly but we do not get large stadiums in my country , Malta, so I will take any opportunity to see something new. Turns out, it was great fun, the history is astounding. To my surprise the Barcelona  basketball , hockey and skating teams are also very big there. The stadium in itself is rich with all kinds of trophies and you get to go down next to the pitch. It is surreal to see how such a simple thing as sports, is great for the body, the mind and manages to bring a lot of people together .

Next we went to La Bouqueria which is the main market in Barcelona. Beware- the market is not open on Sundays, I learned this the hard way so plan accordingly. There is nothing like a local market to saviour the essence of a culture in my opinion. Fruit, seafood, chocolate and spices dominate the area. For a foodie like myself, I could have spent days there! Excuse the excessive amount of pictures below and the forthcoming rumble in your bellies 🙂


We then put our girly shoes on (not really-comfort 1st-always) and got some shopping done, a lot of make-up (somehow I always buy make-up from other countries) and some Harry Potter socks- Dobby would be proud.

We were then famished-although the fresh mango juice from La Bouqeria was quite filling. We stopped at Bacoa for a burger , and boy were we pleasantly surprised. As soon as you walk in long sheets of paper are everywhere for you to place your order on. You choose the kind of bun, meat and sauces that you want. You then place your order at the counter and a few minutes later its done! I definitely recommend a visit to here for all the burger lovers it is not to be missed!

The food in Barcelona was probably one of my favourite attractions! If you want a few more suggestions have a look at What to eat in Barcelona post.

It was then finally time to go to the much-anticipated Sagrada Familia (read about the time I almost went but didn’t here) and it was everything I had hoped for. As we rushed to make it on time we stopped outside to marvel at its sheer size.  The stained glass works are impeccable. The altar is circled by four great columns, each one decorated and dedicated to an evangelist. The facade tells the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Even for the non-religious like myself, the Cathedral can be admired as a true work of art by Gaudi.

The income made from the entries goes towards funding the continuous construction of the church. *sigh*…I guess I will have to go back and see what I helped build when it is finished. The museum is amazing, it allows you to get into the minds of everyone who has built and designed the cathedral and see how much work it entails. Next to the cathedral you will find  the crypt where Gaudi is buried . It also serves as a small chapel where masses are held- I believe this is free to visit if you are on tight budget .

We then got on the metro, shopped for souvenirs – the usual key chains and headed straight to bed (after getting churros for desert)-we were exhausted!

Thank you again for reading! Have a lovely rest of the day. Leave comments below about your favourite part of Barcelona !

Cher Shares xx


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