Gozo Mojo

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great time! Last Summer I got to visit Gozo, one of the Islands in the Maltese Archipelago right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The backdrop to a lot of great movies like Troy, the Count of Montekristo and several parts of the Game of Thrones Series. Gozo is a very small island, but do not let the size fool you! The island is bursting with culture, arts and natural beauty.


Two friends of mine, Lauren (originally Maltese, now residing in London) and Michelle (originally from South Africa, now residing in London) came to visit me and so I thought I could be the tour guide for the day.

The best way, in my opinion, to go about tackling Gozo in one day would be to rent your own vehicle, be it the Jeeps that big groups rent out (mostly) or just any other scooter or car, which we opted for.

So if you ever find that you want to see Gozo and you are very short on time, I suggest that you follow this post. Due to car troubles our time in Gozo was cut shorter than planned but we still managed to do everything we wanted to.

Quick suggestion, when on the ferry stand on the front and look over the sides, often times dolphins can be seen racing the ferry, putting on one hell of a show.

The ferry then embarks in Mgarr, Gozo and the adventure begins!

Our first stop was the Ta’Dbiegi village in Gharb (the oldest village in Gozo). This crafts village is made up of small shops selling everything from traditional foods to leather hand crafts. Firstly, we walked into a tiny shop selling laces and foods. Traditional lacework makes for a great souvenir. However, my favourite shop was surely the cAc gallery. Beautiful hand-crafted blown glass of all types and sizes decorate the shelves in this tiny shop.  You can admire the fine artistic works of art as the natural sunlight shines off them.

After the crafts village we decided to head to the beach. The day we visited, mid-July, happened to be a very hot one and our toes were itching for some cool sea water. We drove onwards to Dwejra bay. This is where the picturesque Azure window can be found. The legendary window served as the backdrop for the wedding of Daenerys and Drogo in the Game of Thrones television series. The window has now fallen from natural causes so I treasure this photo a million times more.



We marvelled at the window for a while then set out to swim in the blue hole which is right next to it. I would highly recommend a diving tour into this hole and nearby waters, which can be found in Dwejra.

On recommendation from a few locals we went to dine at the Boathouse in Xlendi Bay. Xlendi, in my opinion is the most picturesque part of Gozo as the bay is embraced by majestic Limestone Cliffs. The boathouse restaurant, along with all the other restaurants on the bay offer an incredible view whilst dining.

Next, it was onto our next adventure! Right next to the restaurant you can find a stand renting out every type of water sports imaginable. From jet skis to private small boats, we opted for a paddle boat, just because it was the only one that came with a slide! The paddle boat cost twelve euros for the hour- great value for money. We paddled all the way out so we could get a great view of nearby caves and experience the sublime limestone cliffs in all their awe.


The sun was setting as soon as we were due to hand the boat back. However, because of my obsession with sunsets we still sat on the bay to appreciate it in all its glory.


We visited the walled city of Citadella for the evening. This is the old Capital City of Gozo, Rabat being the current one. The city had been undergoing restoration for the past few months and we were lucky enough to visit on the day of the inauguration. The opening was a huge event. Traditional food was on display along with a variety of local liquors. Folk dancers entertained all types of audiences around the walled city. An array of kids’ activities such as archery and actors giving historical monologues helped the city come to life. The highlight of the night was a show of dancers suspended onto the walls of the city. The Citadella also hosts old prison rooms which were open for free viewing on the night. They were eerie to say the least but really helped to set the tone of how life was in the city back then.

Exhausted from the day we caught the last ferry back to Malta at quarter past eleven. Extremely tired and salty from the sea water I slept all the way home with a huge smile on my face.

I truly believe in vacationing in your own country, especially for those blessed with living in larger countries with more to explore. Every part of the world is a gem, you are probably sitting on one now. I encourage you to explore and take in new sights and scenes, and watch every sunset you can set your eyes on.

-Cher shares-


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