Christmas Gifts for Wanderers

Hello Everybody 🙂

With the holidays upon us and our wishes for a white Christmas (which I never have back home because it’s mostly t-shirt weather in December in Malta), it is time to empty your piggy banks and get some gifts for your dearest and loved ones- or maybe just for yourself?!?

In this post I have listed , mostly affordable, presents which would be the ideal gifts to give to anyone who in one way or another loves to travel. Home-made gifts are awesome too so I have also included some of those here. All links to everything I mentioned, and then some, are at the end of this post 🙂 Enjoy!



Blinging out my passport is the last thing that comes to mind when I think of travel essentials, let’s be honest. But I find that gifts are best when you gift something the person always wanted but never thought of getting for him/herself. This vintage map passport holder is great! Plus, it is great for people who leave loads of things behind. This passport holder cannot be missed.



This gift is perfect for new travelers, or for people who have never traveled before. Gifting a money-box will instill the sense of saving money even in your young nephews or nieces! There are also other versions where the piggy bank itself will have the name of the  particular country you are saving up for written on it. This can be a great gift for all your friends if you are planning a girls/boys trip together. Plus, you can keep it for your next trips too, a small sticker will go a long way.



I often find that people do not print photos anymore, I am guilty as charged. It has become much easier to store everything on your phone. Whilst digital photos have their perks, like the kindle for reading books, I find that something printed is far more fascinating. A photo album will encourage the receiver to print photos and have somewhere to store them in style! This would make a great gift from me-to-myself.



The most important thing for me when travelling is to have a good set of headphones. Ones that block out the lady munching Pringles, the flight announcements for cheap perfumes and the noise of the tires screeching when landing. Headphones prices can range anywhere from €10 to hundreds. Headphones are also something I find that I go through quickly and a new pair is always a refreshing surprise. But, if you want to splurge, the beats are amazing- be cautious, they may make you highly unsociable as you will not want to take these off.



Books are always a great gift- perhaps the best gift. Everyone who travels will need an activity to do whilst on the plane. If you have a friend that likes to travel and read then  you have hit jackpot! Give a reader a good book and they will never have jet-lag. I have read a few good books in the past year, (check these out on Cher’s Top Reads), but to add to that previous list another great book I read is the ‘The Geography Of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner. Weiner, a journalist, is on a mission to find out what makes a place happy and what does not, whilst travelling himself to such places. Great for long flights, you or who your gifting it to will be immersed for hours.


Another great gift would be flights. Cheap flights can be found from anywhere. When travelling from Europe, Ryan air offers deals constantly to visit great cities. When gifting flights however, I would consider discussing it with the person receiving them too. This way you can figure out when and where they really want to go. However, some people may actually like surprises-not me!- and may enjoy it more. If not, you can always get them the piggy bank and put a flight voucher in it – 2 gifts in one!



A tripod could also be a great gift for your photography-enthusiast friends. They could get more awesome travel photos. This will come especially handy for solo travellers- their pictures will not all have to be selfies from up close. Plus, when travelling with them you too can use it and get awesome shots-bonus!

On a budget

If you are on a budget (and who is not? we are all saving for our next trip I hope!) you can make some travel gifts yourself. A photo album can be easily made in a scrap-book, perhaps of places you have travelled together. A care package is also very nice, perhaps pack an assortment of gum, chocolate and a magazine- all things that will come in hand when travelling and will make the journey better. There are also a lot of great recipes for christmas treats which you can whip up and give to your friends and family; these are not travel related, but food is great too isn’t it?

Just remember to make the most of the coming days and spend time with everyone who is important to you! I plan to do just this; and a bit of travel (I am still searching for my white christmas); hope you all have the time of your lives!


I went to Paris during christmas period last year, where do you plan on going?

-Cher Shares-

Passport cover:

Piggy Bank:

Photo Album:




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