It’s A New Year

It’s A New Year

Hi guys! Fancy seeing you here!

I have been very bad at posting on my blog lately. I could come up with a million and one excuses honestly but I do not want to allow myself to make excuses (new year’s resolution maybe?)

This post will not be about travel , but rather a rant which includes me reflecting over my year, looking onto the next and seeing what I want to achieve.

With the end of the  year comes the dread of overlooking everything that went wrong the last year and crossing our fingers that it will not happen again. Well, crossing my fingers never got me anywhere, working hard did. Looking over and worrying about things that have happened, mistakes that we have done only allows those mistakes to overtake your life for a while longer. So this New Years; look at all the good things that happened to you in 2016, be thankful. Also plan out what you want to achieve for the new year.

I would like to use this blog post to thank the most important people in my life, though not many, they are truly the pillars on which I stand.

My sister: thank you for raising me, for understanding and for picking me up whenever I fall (when I was a baby, and even now)


To Mark: for challenging me when I am wrong and for knowing me better than I know myself


To Lauren: for being so close even when you are so far away, for making our friendship a priority


To Yasmine: for all the sleepovers, and for being a positive light in my life


To Amy: for loving food as much as I do, for the bottomless friendship and love you have for me


To Dad: (who will never see this post XD), I have you to thank for everything I have ever achieved

To Myself: for overcoming so many fears this year, and for starting your blog.


For the New Year mind maps can help you plan out exactly what you want to achieve. I have already done mine (I will show it to you all in December 2017). So plan your goals and set out to do them.

My bits of advice are :

Do not let anyones opinion stop you from achieving anything

Do not let people under-estimate you; show them what your worth

Stop being so harsh on people who love you; treat them as best as you can

Do not worry so much; it’s all been done before

Hope you enjoyed my rant; dedicated to all my friends and family which I hold dearest and closest to my heart. Remember to be grateful for everyone and everything you are blessed with this year xx

Stay tuned for more blog posts and HAVE AN AMAZING 2017!

Cher Shares xx


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