A Weekend in London

Christmas and the holidays , ever since I can remember, meant coats, scarves, snow and ice-skating to me. However, in Malta (where I live) our only proper ice-skating ring closed down years ago, I’ve never seen snow in 23 years,  scarves can be pulled off…as for coats, they may be a bit too much. So I went to London for a weekend to help me get into the holiday spirit.

I went to London to chase Christmas but even more so to reunite with my best friend Lauren. I had already been to London before, saw most of the major sites so this time I picked a few other activities I had not done the last time I went.

My checklist was :


Get on the tower bridge

Get into the true spirit of Christmas

Amy and I made our way from Sheffield station to London by train (approximately two hours and thirty minutes). I could stay on a train for days , I love how comfortable trains are and the fact that most of the time you can see beautiful sights.

We then met up with Lauren and Michelle and headed down to Hyde Park. We had wanted to go to Kew Gardens originally, to go through the light tunnel but unfortunately that was sold out. Then we got to wonderland, and some rides were also sold out.

Fret not – we had the most amazing time- I had not met Lauren for around 6 months and there is nothing quite like a good catch up. Lauren and I went on all the small rides meant for toddlers , Amy on all the adult ones specifically designed to give you a heart attack (four loops, heights and so on) and Michelle took a shot at every shooting game (see what I did there ;)).

The next morning we headed out early to climb the Tower Bridge. And climb we did, an employee there kept asking people if they wanted to take the steps up, but everyone was waiting for the lift. I decided to head up the stairs myself  as I try to avoid queues and you would not believe it; Michelle , Amy and Lauren followed !

The bridge was great. We also got to experience it opening as a boat was just passing by. An exhibition of pictures runs along the bridge displaying all the greatest bridges in the world; now that is something that surely kindles your wanderlust.

Then we headed for a quick-lunch and rushed to go ice-skating. And surprise surprise! It was sold out, but then the most magical thing happened! As we are just waiting by the ticket booth sulking because I had never been ice-skating and I had really wanted to do it; a young lady walked up to the ticket booth requesting if she could have money back for tickets because a few from their group were not coming. But, she only had two tickets so Amy (ex-ice-skating student) and I went.

And boy oh boy is ice-skating harder than I thought. We trotted around the ring for a while, laughed at each other falling and prayed not to break any bones the whole time. But it was great and I would definitely do it again.

In the evenings we bought bottles of wine, stayed as close to the radiators as possible, played games  (rapidough was our favourite) and snuggled Lauren’s adorable cats.

Where do you like spending Christmas? I would love to know all your suggestions in the comments below.

-Cher Shares-


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