A day with Elephants

Hey everyone ! Fancy seeing you all here ! In the following post, as I have done in my previous posts about Thailand : The North and Exploring Pai I want to share my Thailand experience with you (we hung out with elephants!), but also raise awareness to some issues going on in Thailand at the moment.

It all started with us booking to stay at the Chai Lai Orchid over Airbnb. This particular accommodation supports the ‘Daughters Rising’ Foundation with a mission to ’empower at-risk girls and women through education to end trafficking and exploitation…’. One million children are forced into prostitution; women lured with false promises of jobs in Asia .  Daughters rising helps through education,employment, donations of blankets and medicinal supplies to local villages. To read more about this great cause visit:


Photo 8-02-17, 12 21 01 PM

In addition to this, Chai Lai orchid also rents elephants from the camp across the bridge to give them half a day of relaxation. I urge you to ride the elephants bare back , booking activities with elephants helps to raise funds so that the Chai Lai Orchid can retire more elephants and offer them a better quality of life.

Photo 9-02-17, 8 28 42 AM (1)

The rooms here are amazing too! The decor is very Zen and sleeping comes easy. Dogs are everywhere so you get unlimited cuddles and you get to wake up to elephant and bird sounds in the morning.

Photo 9-02-17, 8 28 36 AM

For our day with elephants we started off the day with feeding them sugar cane, beware- they will try to snatch your whole bag. Next, Bae (our tour guide-not sure if that is how it’s spelled but it’s cute so we’ll roll with it) thought us some commands and how to ride the elephants bare back.


17273339_10208511278569432_1462967825_o (1)

Then we got to ride them! Just hold onto their head with your hands and their neck with your thighs and you are in for the ride of a lifetime. I got to ride the Aunty elephant and Yasmine got a mother and her child. Definitely an unforgettable experience.


Then it was time to bathe the elephants. You get to wash them in the river, sometimes they even lift you on their trunks!


To help Chai Lai orchid with raising awareness make sure to tag #chailaiorchid and #savedeedee in your instagrams!

Photo 9-02-17, 5 34 46 PM

We ended the day with a bamboo raft along the river and a delicious Pad Thai dinner (extra peanuts please). The day cost us  3,500TBH, around €94, although it was a bit more expensive than other elephant rides and accommodations keep in mind that all the money goes to a great cause and the universe will thank you for it.

Photo 8-02-17, 12 21 04 PM

Have you ever interacted with elephants? I would love to see all your pictures!

Thanks for reading

Cher Shares xx


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