Thailand: The Islands

Hey guys! I am back to talk to you about my Thailand trip. This time about the islands found towards the South of Thailand,  admittedly these are the most touristy parts of Thailand and many have visited but I am here to give you my two cents, plus I want to share all the great pictures with you all. If you want to read more about Thailand I have written posts about Thailand-The NorthPai and my day with Elephants.

We flew from Chiang Mai to Kho Samui, try to get an early flight if you are looking to catch a ferry later as ferries usually run until about 17:30. We ended up having to  rush to the ferry to get to Kho Phangan as one of our backpacks came out a lot later than the others did at the airport. We had to get to Kho Phangan at all costs!- we were attending the Full Moon Party.

We spent a total of three days in Kho Phangan. We stayed at the Bird bungalow which was right on the beach and had spacious bungalows with a great terrace. The accommodation also offers laundry service and free deck chairs by the beautiful beach. We partied on Haad Rin beach mostly, that is where the full moon party takes place. There is a variety of music playing all along the beach, buckets of alcohol, laughing gas and fire dancers. You can even take a turn at skipping a burning jump-rope, I did not risk it.

Photo 11-02-17, 11 18 38 AMPhoto 12-02-17, 5 22 51 PM

The day after the full moon party we took the afternoon (13:00) ferry to Kho Tao. A lot of the passengers had also been to the full moon party the night before, everyone was hung over and very sick from the movements of the ferry. I would highly suggest you resting for a day after partying before catching the ferry, if not make sure you stay on the outside area.

Photo 11-02-17, 3 02 50 PM

We then arrived in Kho Tao- and what a beautiful place. We stayed at Big Blue Diving Resort as Yasmine and Rebecca wanted to get licensed for open water diving (and they did! Congrats!). Whilst they got certified, I got tanned. I used this alone time to catch up on my book, wander about Kho Tao, get messages and eat Ovaltine biscuits. I had the best time relaxing at this resort and the food here is amazing. In addition, the beach is also breath-taking. This island has something to offer to everyone even though most people go here for diving. It has a relaxed atmosphere , great hiking places and amazing restaurants all along the beach.


After my friends got licensed it was time for us to move, we got the night ferry to head to  Krabi. When booking the night ferry, I was shown a ferry within which there were bunk beds and air-conditioning. However, upon getting onto the ferry we realized that the only place to sleep was a large mat on the floor which everyone had to share, no air conditions were to be seen and the few windows which the captain managed to budge open later let in sea water as we were going to our destination. Basically, it was a once in a lifetime experience to put it nicely, I would suggest catching a flight to Krabi.

We only spent one day in Krabi but we made the best of it. We stayed at the Good View Hostel, which had the most amazing room for €11 per night for three people. We put our backpacks in the room and headed out for a tour with Jack (his stand is right outside the hostel). It was a half day tour which showed us the neighboring islands, we got to watch an amazing sunset and have a barbecue on the beach.

Photo 18-02-17, 3 40 08 PM

The next day we got the 9am ferry to Kho Phi Phi Islands and what a Paradise !!. If you are out looking for a small island with a great atmosphere and amazing beaches this is where you should be. For the first day we just relaxed by the beach, ate pineapple and went swimming whenever it go too hot. Kho Phi Phi also offers great nightlife with various pubs open at night where local artists showcase their singing talents. We stayed in a shared dorm at Centre Point Hostel . It was a great hostel but you will not be getting any sleep before 2am unless you have earplugs because there is a bar just under the hostel. We especially liked banana bar because they have great food and a roof-top cinema!

For our second day on Kho Phi Phi Islands we went on an ‘Akita Tour’ which was possibly the most amazing day of my life. The tour was by speedboat (free coca-cola and fruit on board). We visited mosquito bay, the viking cave (within which around ten people live), monkey island (hold onto your belongings ) and the beautiful bamboo island.

Photo 20-02-17, 11 38 35 AM


We also got to snorkel at shark point and we spotted sharks! The highlight of the day , especially for me, was going to Maya Bay- where the movie the beach was filmed. I remember when I was younger watching the movie with my sister and thinking about how amazing it would be to be able to go to where it was filmed

—>mission accomplished.

We then headed to Phuket. Whilst there we also went on an island tour. We got to visit the famous Bond Island (we had been dreaming about seeing this rock formation ever since we thought of going to Thailand). Rebecca and I also bought our coconut bowls from there- these make a great souvenir. The three of us got to canoe at Hong Island and had the best buffet lunch on the boat.

Photo 24-02-17, 10 34 42 AM

For our first night in Phuket we stayed at the wire hostel, which is great for meeting new people who are backpacking or living in Thailand. For the rest of our time in Phuket we stayed at the Golden Teak resort, away from the hustle and bustle that dominates central Phuket. The bungalows here were amazing, the pool too (we had it all to ourselves as no one else was staying there at the time) and the staff is immensely welcoming and helpful.

Photo 23-02-17, 1 25 43 PMPhoto 23-02-17, 12 50 03 PM

That was all we had time whilst travelling the Islands of Thailand. Have any of you been? I would love to see the pictures; I bet they’re amazing. See more of mine on my facebook page and instagram.

Cher Shares xx



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