We Missed our Flight…

We Missed our Flight…

Hay everyone!


Welcome, Welcome! I am so happy to be writing again, I have been busy adulting lately, maybe a little bit too much but I will keep you updated as to all that I have planned for the future. Big trips , like when I went to Thailand: The Islands exhaust my workleave so I can only afford to get away for weekends at the moment, and so I did!

Yasmine, Shelly (who is new to being featured in my blogs), Amy and I all went to Sheffield for the weekend. It was my second time there and something about the charm that embraces Sheffield made me feel like I was going back home. Michelle and Lauren also came down to visit .


But..this trip will always be infamous for the time we missed our flight. Yes, we did leave for the airport early but we also got caught in the motorway traffic as there were three accidents whilst we were trying to get there – nightmare! We tried everything, leaving our big suitcases behind , left our liquids behind to rush through security and we got to the gate just a second after it had closed, but it was too late..we had missed it.


Now, particularly there would be no moral to this story because we did everything we could have possibly done. The only moral is to perhaps take transport that cannot get stuck in traffic, but trains can have problems too and no means of transport is infallible. The only advice tip I can give about this situation is to stay calm , buy yourself something to drink, sit down and book your next flight.

But enough about missing flights, we eventually got onto the next flight the following morning from Birmingham Airport. For our first day in Sheffield we got to Meadowhall and shopped our hearts out! A coffee from Starbucks and a ‘cheeky’ Nando’s kept us going.


The second day I hung out with Michelle and Lauren. First we had breakfast at The Grind: delicious!



And we got to exploring the best activities in Sheffield; mini-golf, escape room, bowling and air hockey (I have found my air hockey match : Michelle). We also dropped by a vintage clothing shop and Lauren chose this awesome jacket for me. We had a ‘snake bite’ for lunch and a lovely roast for Sunday Dinner.

18449857_10209022989481885_1619852284_n18471289_10209022960201153_2117146505_n (1)


All in all it was another amazing trip and I will say this: Amy, Yasmine, Shelly…there is no one else I would rather miss my flight with!


Cher Shares xx


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