Tips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

Brace yourselves…(you know this one) Summer is coming. Never underestimate a Maltese Summer it gets hot, humid and sticky.

As you attempt to take off all the excess hair on your body in the hopes of getting bikini ready, the hair you actually intended on keeping (usually the ones on your head, but I’m not judging) will not co-operate. The tanning sessions you long for will turn into a battle; it is your body versus your spirit as you will them to bear the heat and not set on fire. The struggle is real.

So if your hair is seemingly already taking up more space than it should and getting to work is the equivalent of a hot yoga session hopefully this post  can make your summer somewhat bearable.♦♦♦


Go to the store and grab anything that says or at least claims to de-frizz your hair. Humidity can get to around 78% here. If your hair has never been frizzy, it will now. But looking on the bright side, everyone has bigger  hair here so it’s all good. I love the anti-frizz products by John Frieda and Aussie (this is not a sponsored post, but I am accepting free stuff as of…now).



What I am about to tell you is important and I cannot stress this enough. Often times the sun’s rays are under-estimated. Foreigners visiting and us locals can be seen in the ‘lobster’ shade of red as we parade in our natural habitat. Sunblock everywhere, no 30SPF is not going to do it, sunblock everywhere. Get that 50SPF  and use it like your life depended on it because at the end of the day it kind of does.


Public Transport

The beloved and infamous Maltese transport system has always been somewhat a deterrent on the island. To survive it in the Summer months, that is when a true warrior is determined. Buses now come, mostly, equipped with air-conditioning but you still meet mishaps along the way. Odours, many odours will hit you as soon as the double doors open. You may smell the remnants of the traditional ‘Hobza biz-Zejt’ , sunblock or the particular incense of human sweat. There is no proper solution to this unless you are willing to grab a deodorant and randomly spray strangers. If you do, thank you and I think I might love you. But if not, let us all start a deodorant chain. The game is simple, put some on in the hopes of having at least one pleasant smell on the bus…please


Once you have sweat twice your body mass from the heat, you will need to hydrate. Malta has its own soft drink and beer. The beer known as ‘Cisk’ is usually well received by most people who try it. However, our soft drink Kinnie does not adhere to everyone’s palette. It’s a blend of bitter oranges but I personally can not get enough. Grab yourself one of each and hydrate the Maltese way. Plus, do not worry about not finding anywhere to purchase these. Malta is littered with pubs and places to party your night away.

19403628_10209316048048166_1529190631_o (1)

All in all Malta is a great place to spend your summer. We have great beachesComino is amazing and you can explore great places like I did in my previous posts. Lastly, do not forget to visit our sister Island Gozo it is where I am from and I love it! Come join us on this little island, we have so much soul to offer.

Cher Shares xx


2 thoughts on “Tips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

  1. I’m not sure about the hair problem… a bikini line was never on my mind and the hair on my head? Ah well, there ain’t much of that and a barber once complained that it damaged his scissors.

    Re sunblock… finally, someone talking sense here…. never went out with a sunblock of anything les then spf50 (I even bought spf100 once which was fantastic – remained my sexy pink all summer).

    As for hydration.. yep, yep and yeppity yep. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again, but leave the Kinnies and Cisks for the pub stops. Always have a bottle of water handy.

    Lovely post Cher, didn’t know you were from Gozo. 👍


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