Tips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

FeaturedTips to Surviving a Maltese (or hot!) Summer

Brace yourselves…(you know this one) Summer is coming. Now, a Maltese summer is not your average summer; do not underestimate it. It gets hot, humid and sticky.

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We Missed our Flight…

We Missed our Flight…

Hay everyone!


Welcome, Welcome! I am so happy to be writing again, I have been busy adulting lately, maybe a little bit too much but I will keep you updated as to all that I have planned for the future. Big trips , like when I went to Thailand: The Islands exhaust my workleave so I can only afford to get away for weekends at the moment, and so I did!

Yasmine, Shelly (who is new to being featured in my blogs), Amy and I all went to Sheffield for the weekend. It was my second time there and something about the charm that embraces Sheffield made me feel like I was going back home. Michelle and Lauren also came down to visit .

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It’s A New Year

It’s A New Year

Hi guys! Fancy seeing you here!

I have been very bad at posting on my blog lately. I could come up with a million and one excuses honestly but I do not want to allow myself to make excuses (new year’s resolution maybe?)

This post will not be about travel , but rather a rant which includes me reflecting over my year, looking onto the next and seeing what I want to achieve.

With the end of the  year comes the dread of overlooking everything that went wrong the last year and crossing our fingers that it will not happen again. Well, crossing my fingers never got me anywhere, working hard did. Looking over and worrying about things that have happened, mistakes that we have done only allows those mistakes to overtake your life for a while longer. So this New Years; look at all the good things that happened to you in 2016, be thankful. Also plan out what you want to achieve for the new year.

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Christmas Gifts for Wanderers

Christmas Gifts for Wanderers

Hello Everybody 🙂

With the holidays upon us and our wishes for a white christmas (which I never have back home because it’s mostly t-shirt weather in December in Malta), it is time to empty your piggy banks and get some gifts for your dearest and loved ones- or maybe just for yourself?!?

In this post I have listed , mostly affordable, presents which would be the ideal gifts to give to anyone who in one way or another loves to travel. Home-made gifts are awesome too so I have also inserted some of those here. All links to everything I mentioned, and then some, are at the end of this post 🙂 Enjoy!

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Cher’s Top Reads

Cher’s Top Reads


Fancy seeing you here! 🙂

I hope you had a fantastic week and if not, maybe grab a new book to read?

As you can tell this week’s blog post is all about books. Lately, I had drastically reduced my reading volume. Reading is something that I love to do but I do find that sometimes I stop reading for spans of time.

I tend to get lost in all the social media and other fast-paced mediums of entertainment. Pokemon Go and YouTube videos are not helping either XD. I like to convince myself that binge-watching YouTube vlogs for hours is research for my blog…I don’t think so Cher.

But truthfully, there is nothing quite like a set of words scrawled over a piece of paper (or a kindle) to set a certain mood and tone to transfer you to some place far , far away (without the cost of travel for airplanes , trains etc).

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Bad Days

Bad Days

hello 🙂 fancy seeing you here!

This week has not really been the best one ever. Sometimes things just start getting to you and other people around you and it is easy to lose the sense of positivity you have been trying to achieve for so long…sigh. But alas, I still encouraged myself to write a blog, knowing that writing is an outlet I cannot afford to go without.

I had a bit of a writers’ block this week so I decided  to go back to the blog fundamentals tasks for inspiration. This week I was to use a word prompt for inspiration for my blog post. The one I decided to go with is- fence.

This seemed ideal for this week as sometimes you feel fenced in and its good to let loose. And by let loose I do not mean drink shots ill 7am (I am not judging, go ahead!). When I feel fenced in and like everything is becoming a little too much I seek solitude. There are points in life when you just want to enjoy your own company and not think about the rest of the world too much.

So in this post I am going to share with you what my favourite solitary activities are, perhaps you’re having a though week too and you may find as much serenity in them as I do.

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Saving Money

Hello 🙂 fancy seeing you here!
This blog post may make me sound like a nagging mother but desperate times call for desperate measures. I recently have started looking up places to travel which are outside of Europe. Obviously the flights are much longer and expensive. The idea of travelling so far makes my heart and soul happy but my pockets… not so much. I started saving up a few months ago , however, if I am to cross continents I must turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge and save up every penny (or euro cent).
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