We Missed our Flight…

We Missed our Flight…

Hay everyone!


Welcome, Welcome! I am so happy to be writing again, I have been busy adulting lately, maybe a little bit too much but I will keep you updated as to all that I have planned for the future. Big trips , like when I went to Thailand: The Islands exhaust my workleave so I can only afford to get away for weekends at the moment, and so I did!

Yasmine, Shelly (who is new to being featured in my blogs), Amy and I all went to Sheffield for the weekend. It was my second time there and something about the charm that embraces Sheffield made me feel like I was going back home. Michelle and Lauren also came down to visit .

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Thailand: The Islands

FeaturedThailand: The Islands

Hey guys! I am back to talk to you about my Thailand trip. This time about the islands found towards the South of Thailand. Admittedly these are the most touristy parts of Thailand and many have visited but I am here to give you my two cents, plus I want to share all the great pictures with you all. If you want to read more about Thailand I have written posts about Thailand-The NorthPai and my day with Elephants.

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A day with Elephants

A day with Elephants

Hey everyone ! Fancy seeing you all here ! In the following post, as I have done in my previous posts about Thailand : The North and Exploring Pai I want to share my Thailand experience with you (we hung out with elephants!), but also raise awareness to some issues going on in Thailand at the moment.

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Thailand-The North

Thailand-The North

Hey Everyone!

Long time no post-but all in the sake of researching new material to write about and having the time of my life in the beautiful country of Thailand. This was the first time for me leaving Europe and so it was a huge deal! So I am now here to tell you the story about three young ladies from the tiny island of Malta who backpacked through Thailand for a month.


This blog post will include most of what we did in the North of Thailand (I will be writing a separate blog post about Pai and my elephant experience). More blog posts about Thailand and what I learnt in the last month to follow!

We started off our journey in Malta, our native country. We decided to fly with Emirates from Malta-Larnaca-Dubai-Bangkok; 14 hours and 6 hours difference in time zones later we got to the great city of Bangkok!


Dubai airport was immensely busy the day we went and so the plane landed an hour late due to air traffic (and the sandstorm did not help), we were rushing to catch our connection flight . Once we landed in Bangkok we could not be more grateful.

We then went to level 0 at Suvaranbhumi airport and caught a metre taxi. It is vital to make sure that the taxi metre is running, you will have to pay an additional 50TBH for border control; but drivers will try to make you pay more than what you should be. Our taxi cost around 450 baht.


For our first night in Bangkok (and the last two nights because we liked it so much) we stayed at D&D hotel in Kho San Road. The hotel is literally on the main street of Bangkok, we decided to splurge on a Hotel the first night since we knew we would be exhausted from all the flights .There is also a great roof top pool with  a great atmosphere going on in the evening).


We then showered and hit Kho San Road; a market by day, a party by night. Buckets and laughing gas are everywhere during the night. Bars door-to-door play all kinds of music; so grab yourself a beer and walk through a kaleidoscope of music.


You can also get yourself a message from Charlie’s (250TBH/€7 for an hour of Thai message) and grab a midnight snack from 7/11- they have sandwiches which they will gladly toast for you. The street food on Kho San Road is amazing; Pad Thai (the more peanuts the better), chicken and pork kebab sticks and scorpions and all types of bugs for the foodies out there!


The next day we took and early quick boat ride thorugh Bangkok. The pier is just five minutes away from Kho San Road and the ride is great if you want to see somemonuments and sights in Bangkok and are limited on time.


For the last day in Bangkok we headed off to the floating market, an hour or so away from Kho San Road; you get to drift by all the different shops, buy fresh pineapple and fried rice. However, the market was over priced when compared to the other shops in BKK. However, it is definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been to a floating market before. We also managed to fit in Wat Pho; the temple of the amazing reclining Buddha. We all were amazed by the sheer size of it and all the amazing patterns that decorate it (check them all out on my instagram)


Chiang Mai

The next day we were off to Chiang Mai. Being so short on time meant we had to hop from one place to the next fairly quickly. We flew with Thai Smile for around an hour and a half flight which cost us €34 p/p euros.


Once in Chiang Mai we caught a taxi (which looked a bit like a tiny fire truck) and then we walked around central Chiang Mai looking for a Hostel. It was slightly busier than it usually is due to the chinese new year bringing an influx of tourists, but we decided to stay at Safe House Hostel and that cost around €30 for a night for us 3. It’s great for backpackers who just need to shower sleep and maybe use a bit of wi-fi.


Also, the man at the front desk was extremely helpful.He helped us to book a trekking tour for the next day; and get off it early as we needed to travel to Pai that same night. That night we just went around the city of Chiang Mai, got a feel of the local life and had the best Rottee! (a sweet pastry;fried and filled with anything you can dream of)photo-4-02-17-8-56-44-pm-1Our second day in Chiang Mai was one of the best ! Our tour guide picked us up with a 4×4 at around 7 am; we stopped at a market to get coffee and food .A 3 hour drive later; we were set for trekking.


Photo 5-02-17, 9 10 08 AM.jpg

the tour cost us around 1,200 baht for the day with lunch included. We hiked for around a two hours before we got to our first waterfall. This was my first waterfall sighting and so you can imagine my enthusiasm. However, waterfalls are freezing! But the swim is definitely worth it.




We then hiked a bit further to meet a Karen tribe who live there. They make their own clothes; married women wear colours whilst those not wear white. Many pigs are kept by the different families; to be feasted upon when a wedding takes place.


Houses made of bamboo and rooftops of banana leaves, the tribe is self sufficient and only travels into town when necessary. It is truly a wonder of how cultures can vary so vastly. Volunteers may also go there to help the tribe children learn english and experience the Karen tribe.


We then had lunch, got to play with a few of the elephants that were there then made our way to the next waterfall and then walked back down and went back to the hostel.


After visiting Pai, which will be a blog post all in itself we went back to Chiang Mai to travel to Mae Wang Thai Lai Orchid resort we had booked . Ultimately we chose this resort because it offers shelter and education to women who were victims of abuse. In addition, it offers a great incentive to help over worked elephants in Thailand.


The Pad Thai here is amazing, our room was also right by the river and waking up to elephant sounds is the norm here. We went bamboo rafting whilst there; given that it was dry season and the rapids weren’t the fiercest we had to give a push ourselves sometimes too.


Stay tuned for more blog posts about Amazing Thailand! I have got so much more to share with you! Have any of you readers been, and did you love it as much as I did?




A Weekend in London

A Weekend in London

Christmas and the holidays , ever since I can remember, meant coats,scarves,snow and ice-skating to me. However, in Malta (where I live) our only proper ice-skating ring closed down years ago, I’ve never seen snow in 23 years,  scarves can be pulled off…as for coats, they may be a bit too much. So I went to London for a weekend in the holidays.

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Hey there 🙂

Welcome to the first travel post of 2017!

Last December I had the opportunity to visit the UK again with my bestie, Amy. Her awesome Aunty lives in Sheffield so it was a great quick getaway. All that we saved from having free accommodation we spent on shopping rest assured!However, apart from all the shopping I just had to get some sightseeing in.

The UK is a place us Maltese visit often due to cheap flights, but I find it important to always try and see a new part of the country. This time, we wandered to Castleton.

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