What to eat in Barcelona

FeaturedWhat to eat in Barcelona


I hope this post finds you all well 🙂

As you may have realised from my instagramfacebook and blog , I have recently been to the great city of Barcelona!

And yes, the people are great, Gaudi’s designs decorate the city beautifully but most importantly the food there is amazing! I loved every meal I had when I was there and I am here to tell you all about them 🙂

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Barcelona Getaway- Day 1

FeaturedBarcelona Getaway- Day 1

Hi guys!

Fancy seeing you all back here 🙂

After exploring the Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands this Summer it was time to head to another country even if for a short getaway. As I had mentioned in my Where to Next? blog post my awesome friends got me flight tickets for my birthday. The secret destination was Barcelona! Obviously it was not as secret to me, I do not like surprises and half the fun is planning the holiday itself, don’t you think?


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Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands

FeaturedBest Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands

Hey 🙂

Fancy seeing you here!




As you may all have realised (hopefully) it is September. This month things will start to get cooler and we will  all dig up our winter wardrobe in the hopes that something still fits and we still like it .

It is time for warmer colours, thicker socks (not the ones with toe inserts!) and more hot chocolate. However, aside from all my excitement (believe it or not I am a winter person) this time saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet.

Unfortunately, I was not able to travel this past Summer. So, as a wanderer does, I vacationed in my own country instead. I ate a lot of Maltese food, relaxed and swam in several beaches (see them all on my instagram @toshareblog) and tried new things. Continue reading “Best Rocky Beaches on the Maltese Islands”